New Website Updates!

By , March 17, 2011 2:03 PM

Rather than wait until I had all the new information integrated into the proper pages, which may take a while, I decided that I would just make a text update page for it.

From the Genealogy page link you can go to the text updates and see if there is anything there concerning you.

The families or people listed there are:
Josephine Lanoue, obituary
Harry L Hendrix, revised death date and link to death certificate
Elizabeth Boone (Hensley / Brummett / Dodson), complete Obituary and other information.
The Sumner / Goodwin family, name fixes
The Moser / Bitterman family, Freudental / Lutheran Church Records

I have added the obituaries of Aunt Charlene Moser, Aunt Shirley Moser and Aunt Dorla Herrin to these pages as of October 03, 2013.

I will get these items in their proper place soon, but until then you can access the information this way.

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